SNAKES library is organised into three parts:

Module snakes

This module only provides the exceptions used throughout SNAKES.

Class SnakesError

class SnakesError (Exception) :

Generic error in SNAKES

Class ConstraintError

class ConstraintError (SnakesError) :

Violation of a constraint

Class NodeError

class NodeError (SnakesError) :

Error related to a place or a transition

Class DomainError

class DomainError (SnakesError) :

Function applied out of its domain

Class ModeError

class ModeError (SnakesError) :

The modes of a transition cannot be found

Class PluginError

class PluginError (SnakesError) :

Error when adding a plugin

Class UnificationError

class UnificationError (SnakesError) :

Error while unifying parameters